These 10 Tips Will Make Life In the Kitchen So Much Better!

Gary Alinder aka MacroChef is a special long time friend who has been cooking up Monday Night Vegan Dinners in Palo Alto for 20 plus years. Check out his Tip!

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Editor’s Note: Recently I was reminded of  this post which I wrote several years ago, and as MacroChef has added many new readers, it seemed worthwhile to post again. Enjoy!

Although I’ve been cooking professionally for thirty years, sometimes I still feel like a beginner. The culinary world is so vast that what I’ve learned is just a fraction of what there is to know. Aware as I am of my limitations, I hesitate to offer advice–but sometimes I do anyway! So, here is my list of ten tips which, if you take them to heart, could help make you a more confident and polished cook. Much of this, frankly, I’ve learned the hard way, and I pass these suggestions along to you in hopes that you can avoid some of my missteps. Also, I’d love it if you’d offer some kitchen tips of your own. What kitchen wisdom…

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