Yoga for Your Event

Group-based yoga sessions anywhere, anytime….almost!

Whether you’re looking for a private in-home for a small group of friends, a way to keep employees productive, a fun event addition, we provide a certified instructor to customize a great yoga experience designed to meet your needs.

Every person can do yoga, and can reap benefits – despite age, ability, or mental or physical challenges. Whether your interest in yoga stems from a desire for increased flexibility, greater peace of mind, a gentle work out, we here to provide you a caring and professional yoga hour for any event you choose.

Benefits of Yoga for Company, University, or Church Group.

  • Boost moral and create a good feeling culture
  • Increase productivity and mental focus
  • Encourage employees to try something new and think “outside of the box”
  • Provide staff with the tools to better manage stress
  • Improving the overall health and well being of employees

Let us know how we can incorporate yoga into your one time festival/event or for a ongoing growth experience.


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