Aging with Grace Yoga for All Ages- Live Online

Every Saturday, January 14th – March 4

9:00 am (Pacific) • 12:00 pm (Eastern) 60 minutes

🌹Class recordings are available on demand during the series, so you won’t miss out if you can’t make it live. 

Yoga to live better longer with attention to alignment to grow stronger safely. The truth is we are all aging and regular yoga practice can keep you active doing all the things you love to do.  Yoga is a powerful preventive practice at any age. Yoga can lower your risk and manage Alzheimer’s, falls, bone fractures, stroke, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease and more. 

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Join us from the comfort of your home, save time and gas money!

Benefits of Aging with Grace Yoga

•   Keep your bones, muscles and joints healthy

•   Slash your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

•   Lower your blood pressure

•   Reduce stress and improve your mood

•   Ease symptoms of anxiety and depression

•   Lower your chances of heart disease

•   Manage conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis or back pain by improving stamina, mobility, and muscle strength

•   Help with your balance, so you’re less likely to fall and break bones

•   Promote deeper and easier breathing

Aging with Grace Yoga helps if you:

•   feel stiff

•   want guidance and support with a yoga practice

•   want greater agility

•   want a stronger more supple back

•   want to be more flexible

•   want to maintain mobility

•   want to enjoy healthy happy longevity

•   like good company

New Year Intentions, mine and yours?

Wishing you a very healthy 2022 and hope you reside in joy, much of everyday.

As the new year begins, I like walking in nature to think about what is most important.

What we think about, we bring about!

Health is our greatest wealth. We create it everyday with the choices we make.

Let’s join together and set gentle clear intentions to refresh our physical and emotional health.

Mine intentions are to:

🕉 Breathe slowly and evenly through my nose with my teeth apart and lips resting together

 💧End my showers with cold water, at least 5 days a week

 🍪Eat dessert treats that are only sweetened with organic maple syrup, rice syrup, fruit juice and /or dates

 🧘‍♀️Do a minimum, 5 minutes of yoga inversion poses (head below the heart) everyday

These make me feel better. Should be easy… right.

What are your wellness intentions?

I would enjoy knowing what you want in 2022. Comment below to share.

Gotta go for now, out for a walk in the redwood trees


P.S. Only have a couple days left to sign up for Chair Yoga. Final reservations accepted by Tuesday January 4th, 12pm (Pacific Time) GO HERE

I hope to see you Wednesday 🌹

Playful, Nourishing and Feel Good Yoga Chair Yoga

Weekly Wednesdays January 5th – February 23 ✨ 10-10:30am (Pacific Time) 1-1:30pm (Eastern Time) 8-8:30pm (Israel Time) The classes will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss out. (But do try and join us live!).

  🪑  Chair Yoga is great for:

  • Restful sleep
  • Feeling calm
  • Having a strong immune system
  • Being more resilient
  • Greater flexibility and mobility

“I have rheumatoid arthritis, which makes classes offered at the fitness centers hard. Your chair yoga was perfect. I was able to complete all the poses as you guided us. The ½ hour class just flew by, leaving me feeling energized the rest of the day! ” ~ Louise Vos, Pittsburgh PA

     🪑 Why is Chair Yoga for you?

  • Natural face lift; Acupressure and face yoga
  • Back is sore: Practice stretches to relieve lower back tightness
  • Have osteoporosis: Reduce joint pain and build tensile strength
  • Increase range of movement: Neck, shoulders, hips, feet and hands
  • Aids in better posture: Sitting and standing
  • Helps your balance: When standing and walking
  • Great way to begin and continue a energizing yoga practice
  • Improve digestion: pranayama excerises
  • Difficult to get up and down from the floor: I got you covered
  • Develop stability in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and facia

Chair Yoga is a 8-part Program where you’ll learn and practice rejuvenating stretches and standing poses that will make your neck, shoulders, hips, back and whole body feel fantastic.

“Patricia gives different versions of the same pose/stretch so all are user friendly. She talks about the benefits of various poses/stretches as one is doing them which is really good. And takes us back to breathing which is central to Yoga.” ~David Sticker, San Francisco


The classes will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss out. (But do try and join us live!).

Save Your Seat 🪑 Only $89  Venmo or Paypal

Chair Yoga is especially good to increase circulation and healing energy in the ligaments, tendons and facia. You will create greater mobility, strength and agility. Enjoy healthy longevity!

~Patricia  💖

P.S. Did I mention we are going to have fun?

“Patricia’s self-care yoga series has been a life saver during this pandemic. As a licensed psychologist I have added breath work to all of my sessions, as we are all working to remain calm and focused during this challenging time.” ~ Dr. Barbara Stroud, Palo Alto, CA

Chair Yoga to stretch and strengthen your hands, wrists, fingers, feet, ankles and toes. Especially good to increase circulation and healing energy in the ligaments, tendons and facia. You will create greater mobility, flexibility and agility.

Playful, Nourishing, Fun and Healing Chair Yoga

Yoga for Calm and Clarity

Do you sometimes feel you are rushing through life going from one task to another?   Do you feel that you are just surviving, yet not thriving?   Make time now to SLOW DOWN, calm and regain clarity. * Let me know how it went. I love hearing from you!

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