Improve your digestion and immune system

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Strengthen your body, digestion and immune system!

If you experience indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, or stomach pain; this practice is for YOU! Learn stretches, twists and poses as your reliable self-healing remedies. Smooth digestion is essential for a strong immune system, health, joy and longevity. Digestion begins with chewing, so chew well!

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By taking steps to improve your digestive health, your digestive system will function more efficiently, improving your overall health and sense of well-being.

“Patricia, I checked out a couple of your videos recently and really enjoyed them. The core workout was more effective than my pilates class! I hope to utilize more of your videos as I found them very user friendly.”

Maryanne Romanowski,
Account Executive
Santa Rosa, CA

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Yoga to Strengthen Your Core and Digestion

Keep your digestion and core strong with this excellent 15 minute yoga practice.  Click Here Core and Digestion

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