Stretch, Strengthen and Relax with Chair Yoga Program: a 6-part Program

Registration OPEN for Only $59 PayPal or After Oct 12th $69 PayPal

      ✨ Chair Yoga is good for:

  • Restful sleep
  • Feeling calm
  • Having a strong immune system
  • Being more resilient
  • Greater flexibility and mobility

Let’s do Chair Yoga!

  • A chair takes up less floor space
  • You will experience a surprising range of movement
  • Chairs aid good posture
  • Helps with balance
  • Good way to begin a yoga practice

Chair Yoga | A 6-part virtual Program where you will learn and practice rejuvenating stretches, twists, and balancing poses that will strengthen your immune system and back. Your feet, hips, belly, shoulders and neck will feel fantastic too!

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NOW Only $59 ~ Price will increase to $69

Weekly Wednesdays October 20th through November 24th ✨ 10-10:30am (PT) 1-1:30pm (ET) 30 minute sessions

The classes will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss out. (But do try and join us live!).


P.S. Invite a friend to enjoy Chair Yoga with us!

Sample Chair Yoga Class Here