Seniors Chair Yoga


Patricia Becker promotes the joys of yoga for seniors with mindful movement and Chair Yoga. Chair Yoga for seniors is practiced while seated in a chair, and uses a chair for support during standing poses. We use gentle stretches, twists, and poses, to help improve flexibility, balance, and circulation.

Seniors Chair yoga is a safe and convenient way to improve your physical and mental health with 30 minutes of low-impact exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and sense of humor.

🪑 Chair Yoga Live Online 9 Classes
Wednesdays, June 7 – August 2 2023
10:00 am (Pacific Time) 1pm (Eastern Time) 30 minute classes

Class recordings are available on demand during the series, so you won’t miss out if you can’t make it live.

From the Comfort of Your Home. Save time and gas!

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Seniors Chair Yoga Benefits:

  • help relieve back pain and stiffness
  • increase range of motion in your joints
  • improve your posture
  • reduce joint pain and build tensile strength
  • better balance
  • strengthen your digestion
  • more ease bending down to pick things up
  • increase the stability of the muscles around your bones
  • restful sleep
  • feeling calm
  • greater flexibility, mobility, and agility

9 Clasess Save Your Seat Only $107

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Hope to see you soon

~ Patricia