🌹Aging with Grace Yoga for All Ages ©

The gifts of growing older are many: maturity, grace, wisdom, experience, perspective, and years of happy memories.

As we age, we may experience challenges such as joint stress, osteoarthritis, memory decline, loss of balance, find it difficult reaching to the floor to pick up a sock or other physical limitations. All of this affects your sense of self and positive outlook.

Yoga has a wide array of physical and mental health benefits that enhance a good quality of life, especially as we age.

Great way to start your week!

Aging with Grace Yoga Series for All Ages!

8 Weekly Mondays August 1st – September 19th
10AM (Pacific Time) / 1PM (Eastern Time) 50-minute classes

The zoom classes will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss out! ✨Recordings available 24/7 during the series for you to enjoy.

Early Bird Registration by July 15 Only $137 ~ Save $20

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Great for folks who:
• are a senior or close by 😉
• new to yoga / beginners’ yoga
• want greater agility
• want a stronger healthier back
• want to be more flexible
• have physical limitations
• want to maintain mobility
• healing from a medical procedure
• like good company

“Patricia’s self-care yoga series has been a life saver during this pandemic. As a licensed psychologist I have added breath work to all of my sessions, as we are all working to remain calm and focused during this challenging time.” ~Dr. Barbara Stroud, Palo Alto, CA

Enjoy exploring and expecting:
• Improved stability and balance
• Flexibility and agility
• Joint health
• Deeper easier breathing
• Lower blood pressure
• Clarity and Calm
• Restful Sleep

Exercise, breath awareness and a good diet can help prevent disease, injury and keep your body and brain in good shape.

Stretch, strengthen and feel inspired! Decompress and gently move to stimulate your body’s natural healing.

Self-Care ~ Aging with Grace Yoga Series
8 Weekly Mondays August 1 – September 19

10AM (Pacific Time) / 1PM (Eastern Time) 50-minute classes.

The classes are recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss out! ✨Recordings available 24/7 during the series.

Early Bird Registration before July 15 Only $137 ~Save $20

Choose your payment preference: Venmo or Paypal

I look forward to sharing even more gifts of yoga with you!

Patricia 🌹

“Weekly Yoga classes with Patricia are quite honestly the best medicine for all that ails you. My body has become much more flexible and stronger.  Patricia runs her classes to suit her student’s level of ability and takes requests. And finally, she is unfailingly positive and kind.” ~ Arabella Napier, Menlo Park CA

Live Feel-Good Chair Yoga

Get started with this sample class: my YouTube channel 👍

Feel-Good Chair Yoga

8 Weeks ~ Weekly Wednesdays ~ 10-10:30am (Pacific Time) 1-1:30pm (Eastern Time) 30-minutes classes

  🪑 Chair Yoga is great for:
• Restful sleep
• Feeling calm
• Having a strong immune system
• Being more resilient
• Greater flexibility and mobility

The classes will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss out. (But do try and join us live!).

Save Your Seats Only $89  Click your payment preference: Venmo or PayPal

” I have rheumatoid arthritis, which makes it hard to participate in most fitness classes. I benefited so much from the chair yoga and breathing exercises. The ½ hour class just flew by, leaving me feeling energized the rest of the day!” ~Louise Vos, Pittsburgh PA

  🪑 Why is Chair Yoga for you?

• To help your sore back feel better, with the right stretches to relieve the tightness
• If you have osteoporosis, you will reduce joint pain and build tensile strength
• To increase range of movement, in your neck, shoulders, hips, feet and hands
• Because you want better posture while sitting and standing
• To strengthen your balance, during your daily activities
• Great way to begin and continue yoga practice
• To improve your digestion: with effective pranayama exercises
• Because it is difficult to get up and down from the floor, yet still want to do yoga
• To develop stability in your muscles around your bones
• Give yourself natural face lift with acupressure and face yoga

“I signed up for Chair Yoga and after 30 minutes I feel so much better. I liked it so much I asked for private lessons!” ~Ann Protter, Palo Alto CA

Chair Yoga is an 8-part Program where you’ll learn and practice rejuvenating stretches and standing poses that will make your neck, shoulders, hips, back and whole body feel fantastic.

“Patricia gives different versions of the same pose/stretch so all are user friendly. She talks about the benefits of various poses/stretches as one is doing them which is really good.” ~David Sticker, San Francisco


The classes will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss out. BONUS recordings available 24/7 during the program!

Save Your Seats Only $89 🪑 Click your payment choice: Venmo or PayPal

Chair Yoga is a fun way to increase circulation and healing energy in your body and mind. You will create greater mobility, strength and agility.

~Patricia 🌹
P.S. Did I mention we are going to have a good time?

Patricia guides us through very effective Chair Yoga postures that I have found reduce my back pain, increase my resilience, and improve my body posture and my mood. ~Mary Lautner, Palo Alto CA