The basis of all Nutrition is:  Food is the foundation of health and well-being.

With help you can reduce fatigue, shed pounds, sleep better and live a balanced life in Health and Wellness.

  • Create a crystal clear vision and practical goals for your health that will help you feel better and younger.
  • Get renewed, re-energized, and  take action to can lose weight, have more energetic and be more confident.

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In this phone, skye or in-person consultation, I’ll personally help you with the simplest and most profound ways to boost your energy, lose weight and be a healthier happier you.


“Eat the right food and your body will do the right thing”   – T Colin Campbell


Graham Hill – TED talk ….. Why am I not a vegetarian?


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy you food”  – Hippocrates


A macrobiotic diet, often mistakenly called “microbiotic,” features plant foods in balanced proportions and includes specific healing foods that

have been found to prevent and reverse disease. Since the original teachers were Japanese, and the Japanese are still the longest-living people on the planet, there is much to be learned here. The word “macrobiotic” means a large view of life,” (macro/large and bios/life).

As it applies to lifestyle, it means living our lives “in harmony with the order of the universe,” or as ecologically and economically as possible.



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