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Common Ground is a Palo Alto nonprofit where you can learn what to plant and how to get your body and mind into the right place for planting it. You used to have to go to two places to get that kind of counseling.

A year ago, Common Ground manager Patricia Becker, 57, started offering Yoga for Gardeners. Her next class is Sept. 3 at the garden supply and education center ( Bring a rake or a yoga strap, or she will supply them.

Patricia demonstrates pose

On concept: Anusara is my discipline. It’s a life-affirming practice. We always look for the good. My personal yoga practice is that I go to classes and I do it at home and I love doing it outside in a park with my bare feet on the earth, feeling the rays of sunshine.

On curriculum: You prepare to go into the garden the same way you prepare the soil for seeds. I teach how to stretch the major muscle groups so that when you go into the garden, your muscles are lubricated and ready to move and bend.

Yoga For Gardeners

Yoga for Gardeners
A Workshop with Patricia Becker

Sunday, August 15
1:30 – 4:30 pm

Nurture your body, heart and soul – and learn how to care for your back and body with the best poses for gardeners.

Yoga, just like gardening, teaches us patience, humility, and love. Practice connecting to your breath to raise your awareness of this powerful healing method is always available to you, free of charge.

Bring a friend and a favorite gardening success or humorous story.  Beginners and experienced yogis are all welcome. The Workshop will be accompanied by live music by Herb Moore, playing the guitar, flute, bells, and whistles!

Patricia Becker Biography

Patricia Becker is the Center Director of the epitomally “Green” Common Ground Organic Garden Supply and Education Center, an influential Palo Alto non-profit. In the last six years she has immersed herself in Anusara Yoga since, just like gardening, yoga is life affirming and enhancing. You can learn more about Patricia by visiting her Website/Blog, Feel Better Now.

Patricia is a Macrobiotic Nutritional Consultant who sprinkles her Workshops and Thursday morning Avalon classes with fun food facts. Her workshops and yoga classes are both playful and meaningful – and edible gifts from the garden are included!

Price: $45 in Advance or $55 the Day of the Event, if any openings remain.

To register for Yoga for Gardeners, drop by Avalon or call or email us with payment information:
650.324.2517  or     email: