Patricia provides Nutrition Consultations based on over 25 years study and practice in plant-based diets i.e.macrobiotics. Her personalized Private Yoga Sessions are Alignment based Hatha Yoga for each person to know and care for their body better.  Her Wellness Coaching gives you to tools empower yourself to feel better than you ever thought possible!  Patricia also is a Stanford University Yoga Instructor for the Health Improvement Program.


Wellness Coaching: Support with your Health Care using a basket of tools customized to navigate  desired changes!

Nutritional Counseling – based on oriental and macrobiotic dietary guideline used successfully for centuries.

Therapeutic Yoga– for specific physical concerns – based on Principles of Alignment, RYT.

Breathe practices – to access the vital life force energy called Prana or Qi that circulates throughout the body.

Neuro-linguistic Techniques – an approach to alter the internal dialogue and communication to change behavioral patterns to achieve your desired goals.

Private sessions tailored to your individual health condition, lifestyle and goals.

Patricia managed Common Ground Garden Education Center for 14 years,  the Gourmet Vegetarian Dinners for several years. She was the Volunteer Program Manager for Hidden Villa Organic Farm and served on the Ecology Action and Ecological Farming Association Board of Directors. Patricia has led classes on Yoga for a Healthy Back, Seven Steps to Boost Vitality, and “Macrobiotics Made Easy” for the “Breast Cancer Connections Complementary Therapies Fair”.



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One of Patricia’s favorite quotes;

“The better you feel, the better it gets.  The better it gets, the better you feel.”

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Becky Haller

    I am interested in learning yoga. Do you offer any classes in the evening or weekend?

    I have just started attending the Monday night macrobiotic dinners. Yum, yum.


    • Hello Becky,
      At the moment I have the one public class. I can teach private classes in the evenings. Last night I taught a Girl Scout Troop in Los Altos. They loved it and so did I. I could teach you some basics then recommend some good evening public classes.
      Happy Thanks Giving !


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