Live Yoga Classes

Every Live Yoga class will explore a different area of the body to love, stretch and strengthen.

“Live Yoga for Everybody – Tuesday’s 12:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Tuesday’s mid-day Yoga Reboot, Recharge and Refresh

“Live Yoga for Everybody – Thursday’s 10 AM (Pacific Time)

Thursday’s Yoga Therapy for Health and Joy

“Live Yoga for Everybody – Sunday’s 10 AM (Pacific Time)

Sunday’s Self-Care Yoga

To receive the class invitations sign up Here!

* Please pay what you can. If your income is impacted by this situation too, please join us without any obligation.

Doors open 10 minutes before class to check in, settle in, ask a question, or just say hello!

Namaste 🙏 Patricia

* To receive Live Yoga invitation links, Register Here

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Yoga TV Classes – Patricia Becker Yoga – YouTube

3 thoughts on “Live Yoga Classes

  1. Peg Brady

    Patricia, It’s Peg from one of your Stanford yoga classes. I’ve registered for both the Wed and Thurs evening classes. I will be missing both the first week and the Thurs one the second week due to off Stanford workshops I’m taking for work. I’m really looking forward to two days a week with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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