Free 15 minute Discovery Session

I am so excited to grow “Your Health and Joy” Wellness Coaching Business

Wellness for Women Over 40!  Support in losing weight, sleeping better, increasing energy and mindfulness stress relief.

I teach yoga for Stanford University School of Medicine and have 25 years practical nutritional counseling experience.

After a yoga class of women.  We welcome men too!

After a yoga class of women. We welcome men too!

It is my passion to have you achieve a life of vitality and wellness so you can be strong, flexible, balanced and active.

Let me help you connect the parts to the whole with warmth and compassion.

I want you to feel healthier and younger.

Click here to schedule one of the 5  Free 15 minute Discovery Session until the end of this month.

Looking forward to speaking to (some of) you!

Love and Light


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