Yoga for a Healthy Back

Yoga for a Healthy Back

Common Ground Garden Supply and Education Center  559 College Ave, Palo Alto CA 94306
Saturday, May 24
10:30 – 12:30 $31 Click to Register

Gardeners and high-tech computer people alike want to take care of their backs to live a full happy life. Learn the best practices and methods for keeping your back muscles healthy. Learn thigh stretches and strengthening yoga poses for your thighs to improve your back. Good alignment in your legs translates to your back. Get empowered to help you and your back feel better. Even if it is good now, let’s keep it that way! Taught by Patricia Becker who is the Common Ground Center Manager and has been teaching Yoga for Healthy back class- In Twist, Juice it Up!yoga classes locally and at Stanford University.


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