Vitamin B12?

As a vegetarian, you’re less likely to have high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease or type 2 diabetes. But how do vegans get Vitamin B12? Do fermented soy products, amasake rice drink, or umeboshi plums provide significant B12? What about the soil on unwashed veggies?

Many foods reported as good B-12 sources are tested with methods that measure B-12 analogues (which block the absorption of active B-12, thereby causing B-12 deficiency). Those methods misrepresent true B-12 content.

The Vegetarian Health Institute recently interviewed Michael Klaper, a vegan MD, about this provocative topic. Normally, only the Institute’s paying students get access to this interview. But for a few days, they’re making it available to my e-mail subscribers. To listen to (or download) the recording, click here now.

One thought on “Vitamin B12?

  1. Jose Oliver

    The water-soluble B vitamin “complex” is named as such because, in nature, no B vitamin is found in isolation. They commonly coexist in the same foods and need each other to perform best. In fact, taking high doses of an individual B vitamin for too long risks depletion of other B vitamins, all of which are essential to good health.


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