Backbend Bliss

Bridge psoe-BackbendSome of us are happy to forward fold all day long, back bending is another story! However, we can all benefit from backbends to open the chest, front of the body. The kidneys and adrenals are squeezed, with a cleansing action, while releasing adrenaline, which can feel like a buzzy rush! aka Yoga High! You strengthen your back and increase mobility in the spine.You open the heart chakra and emotional center. You energize both body and mind. You expand and stretch the chest and shoulders, solar plexus, abdomen, hips and thighs.

In back bends, we come face-to-face with the boundaries of our flexibility, patience, and equanimity. Here we can learn to practice with our limitations. Both Tuesday Nov 8th Studio Rincon & Thursday Nov 10th California Yoga Center classes will have extra backbends included. The poses will be basic enough for new practitioners and deep enough for the experienced yogi to fuel on ongoing practice.
Working with the breath can help us feel calm, and move into backbends with greater ease and safely.
Before taking any back bending posture, it is important to elongate your spine. Inhale to lengthen out of the lower back, strengthening the legs and opening the chest. Exhale to soften, possibly releasing deeper into the posture. If you notice your breath is held constrained, ease out of the pose until you relax. Looking forward to being with you!

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