10 Poses in 10 Minutes

Warning Yoga can lead to greater Health & Happiness! 

Basic tune up poses you can do  in 10 minutes

  1. Walking around on your toes
  2. Hands on thighs doing knee circles both directions
  3. Hip circles both directions
  4. Lower body stead fast upper body and arms turning and swinging side to side. Start slow and gradually increase speed. Tapping your back hand on your kidney area and front hand on upper far reaching chest.
  5. Root the bottom half of your body down into the earth like the roots of tree. Open you palms and lift your arms up to the sky. Repeat in unison with your breath.
  6. Shoulder flossing front to back. Then back to front with a soft relaxed face!
  7. Anchor the bottom half of your body and extend your torso long. Lift your shoulders up and claps you hand behind your back. Move your forearms from side to side and up and down in a way that feels expansive and good!
  8. Skiers pose. That one that helps you find freedom and ease in your lower back.
  9. Stand by the wall of chair and place one hand on the wall.  Wrap a yoga strap around your foot and lift your foot behind you. Good counter thigh stretch.
  10.  Lay on your back holding your shins and gently roll left to right and front to back.

If anything doesn’t feel good or right stop and we will review live and in person!

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